The Dermatology Practice.

Dr Lim Kar Seng

Diagnosis & Management of Skin Cancers (MD SG July 2011)

Psoriasis & Ustekinumab
Psoriasis & Treatment Compliance
The Burden of Psoriasis 
Psoriasis & Relationships

Psoriasis – More Than Just A Skin Condition

Skin Issues from Bust Enhancement Creams

Asia Pacific Acne Leaders Summit – Learnings from Singapore

Laser Hair Removal – Ask the Doctors, South China Morning Post

Allergy Alert (Body & Mind Guide 2013)

Keeping Skin Cancers Away


Dr Lynn Teo

Laser Hair Removal
What’s Truly Causing You to Lose Your Hair? 
Getting to the Root of Female Hair Loss
Resolutions that Stick
I want armpit hair implanted!

Losing It
A Hairy Affair

A Patch of Hope
Good Skin Care Prevents Eczema Flares
Marks of Age


Dr Rachael Teo

Zao Bao

Holiday Without The Headache

Make-up Made to Last All Day

Itchy Scratchy

Creating a Perfect Canvas

Feminine Hygiene Care

Real All-Rounder

Hair-Loss in Women

Is That Itchy Rash Eczema?

8 Ways to Ease Eczema Symptoms

Eczema: Triggers and Treatments

Postpartum Skin Problems

Are skin analysis gadgets useful or just sakes tools?

What age to start using anti-ageing products?


Dr Gavin Ong

Eczema almost killed her

Managing and caring for eczema-prone skin

Eczema: How to help your child avoid the itch? With Gavin Ong and Roshni Mahtani

Epidermal Barrier Dysfunction Management (Pg 22)

Doctor Says: Creams, Moisturisers are key

Pick the right moisturiser – and use it

How to pick the best moisturiser for your skin

What’s the red mark on my baby’s skin?

Skin problems in newborn babies

Facial oil for oily skin?

Acne: What to avoid and how to fix it

Singaporean in Taipei water park fire transferred to SGH

Survey on skin tears to help SGH better manage cases

Crafting Beauty, Redefining Aesthetics

Fraxel Laser & Exilis Face Shaping

Blackout tattoos

Skincare for hot weather: 7 mistakes you need to stop making

Golfers: Save your skin

Managing melasma in primary care

Toxic Air

How the haze affects your health

The Truth about STIs