The Dermatology Practice.

Scars (Acne scars, Keloids)

When the skin has sustained an injury, whether the result of an accident, surgery, acne, or a burn, scarring will occur wherever multiple layers of the skin have been affected. Once a scar forms, it is permanent but may be made less visible. There are various types of scars.


Keloid scars are a result of the skin’s overproduction of collagen after a wound has healed. These occur after surgery, trauma or acne. Keloids can be painful or itcy and occasionally they grow rapidly. Treatment usually entails injections to soften & flatten the keloid. They do improve symptoms of itch & pain on keloids too. Regular repeated treatments are required to achieve the desired result. Occasionally, adjunctive treatments such as laser treatment my help enhance the improvement.

Atrophic Scars

These are depressed sunken scars that make looks like small pits occasionally. They usually result from previous acne or sometimes, chicken-pox. Various treatment options may be employed to improve the appearance of the scars. Some of these include prescription topical agents, chemical peels, fillers or lasers (e.g. non ablative lasers, ftractional lasers etc.)

Occaionally, surgery may be necessary to improve the appearance of keloid or atrophic scars. As no two scars are the same, treatment options are individualized to attain maximum results.